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The National Archives - Public Records Office (PRO), Kew

War Diaries

War Diary - 4th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers - PRO Ref: WO 95/2828 & WO 2590

War Diary - 149th Brigade - PRO Ref: WO 95/2826 & WO 95/2827

War Diary - 50th Division -

Medal Rolls

Medal Roll - Silver War Badge - PRO Ref :WO 329/3134 through to WO 329/3143

Medal Roll - Victory Medal - PRO Ref: WO 329/683 through to WO 329/731

Medal Roll - Territorial Force Medal - PRO Ref: WO 329/3261

Medal Index Cards

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The British Library, Colindale, NW London


Hexham Courant 1914 - 1919

Hexham Herald 1914 - 1919

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 1915

Author's note: Microfiche or CD-ROM copies of local newspapers are usually held in larger libraries ie. Newcastle or Hexham

Published Works

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Author's note: The Reverend Wilfrid Callin was attached to the 4th Bn during 1918

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(Author's note: Pte Norman Gladden served with the 7th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, 149th Bde, 50th Divn)

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(Author's note: 2nd Lt John Glubb was a regular soldier serving in the 7th Field Coy, Royal Engineers, attached to the 50th Divn).

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HMSO. (1922) Soldiers Died in the Great War. His Majesty's Stationary Office. England.

HMSO. (1992) Officers Died in the Great War. His Majesty's Stationary Office. England.

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MacMillan & Co. (1938) Official History of the War - Military Operations France & Belgium 1916. MacMillan & Co, St Martins St, London.

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Northumberland Fusiliers. (1908-20) St Georges Gazette - The Northumberland Fusiliers Magazine.

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The Army Council (1908) Regulations for the Territorial Force, and for County Associations, 1908. Reprint of Original Editionby The Naval & Military Press Ltd, Uckfield, East Sussex, England.

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Unpublished works

Colonel A.J Foster's Diary

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Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Imperial War Museum

Naval & Military Press

The National Archives (Public Records Office)

The National Archives

Tyneside Scottish Northumberland Fusiliers

UK & Ireland Genealogy (GENUKI)

The Great War

The Long Long Trail - The Story of the British Army in the Great War of 1914-1918

The London Gazette:

The Family

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