Chapter 6 – 3rd Ypres

Historical Context The first and second battles of Ypres were offensives launched by the German Army, but third Ypres was a British initiative aimed at achieving a breakthrough in Flanders and the destruction…

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  1. Tranquille House –     Bixschoote map: 20SW4-6A -     Ref: U.12.d.8.6.
  2. The Heliograph and the Lucas Lamp were the main methods of visual signalling. Very lights and flares were used mainly for signalling emergencies and illuminating the front line
  3. The Regimental Aid Post (RAP) was the first and most forward in a chain of Medical Aid posts
  4. Olga Houses –        Bixschoote map -                Ref: U.18.b.6.2 
  5.  Pascal Farm -           Bixschoote map -                Ref: U.12.c.5.2 
  6. Corrigenda -
  7. 4th/5th Loyal North Lancashires (57th Divn)
  8. The 4th NF War Diary refers to the pill-boxes as a line of huts
  9. Forward Observation Officers provided target ranging information to the artillery, usually by field telephone
  10. During WW1 pigeons were used extensively on the Western Front to convey messages 
  11. Lucas Signalling Lamp
  12. 2nd Lt Roland  Wood
  13. Reliable Sgt – Sgt Thompson
  14.  The Tommy Cooker was a small tin of jellied fuel (methylated spirits) with a metal clip on attachment that served as the stove
  15. Rose Crossroads Camp
  16.  2nd Lt David Arthur Smith is commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Zonnebeke, West Vlaanderen, Belgium 
  17.  2nd Lt William Ruddy is commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Zonnebeke, West Vlaanderen, Belgium 
  18. 2nd Lt Robert Arthur Abbs Simpson is buried in St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, Seine Maritime, France.
  19.  2nd Lts George Edward Charlewood 
  20. 2nd Lt A.W.P. Leary -
  21.  2nd Lt H.B. Bell 
  22. 2nd Lt J.R. Ruddock 
  23. 2nd Lt R.Wood 
  24. 2nd Lt Ryde Guild Rayner is commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Zonnebeke, West Vlaanderen, Belgium 
  25. Tyne Cot Memorial, Zonnebeke, West Vlaanderen, Belgium. Panel 19 to 23 and 162
  26.  Captain Johnson Morris Affleck MC - former Private in King Edward’s Horse
  27.  Ondank -         Elverdinghe Map: 28NW1-4a.        Ref: A.5.d.5.4
  28.  Caribou Camp -    Elverdinghe Map: 28NW1-4a. Ref: A.12.c.2.3
  29. White Mill Camp -      Elverdinghe Map: 28NW1-4a.        Ref: B.14.d.7.6
  30. 446th Field Coy RE (formerly 1st Northumbrian Field Coy) numbered 446th on 1st February 1917
  31. Army Service Corps (ASC) were the logistics organisation that kept the troops supplied with food, equipment and ammunition using horse and motor transport
  32.  Marsouin Farm. -          St Julien Map 28NW2.6b:        Ref: C.8.b.7.2.
  33. Bard Causeway -          St Julien Map 28NW2.6b:        Ref: C.13.c.3.6
  34. Pte Bertram Leslie Reginald Smith (4/5033, 201928) enlisted in Chelsea. Formerly Middlesex Regt (25834) and Northumberland Fusiliers (7/7106). Commemorated  on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium