Chapter 2b – Bellewaarde Wood

Battle of Bellewaarde Wood – 24 & 25 May 1915 Context The last action of the 2nd Battle of Ypres was a successful attempt by the Germans to gain control of the Bellewarde…

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  1.  Shell Trap farm, otherwise known as Mouse Trap Farm. St Julien Map, Reference.... 
  2. No2 pontoon bridge -   St Julien Map: 10-28NW2 - Ref: I.1.b.5.9 
  3. The 5th South Lancashire Regt attached to the 12th Bde (4th Divn)  (10th, 11th, 12th Bde)
  4. La Brique: -  St Julien Map: 10-28NW2 - Ref: D.26.d.6 
  5. Hill Top Farm -  Map Ref: C.21.d.1.8
  6. This was either Pte George Railton (4/2163) or William Milburn 
  7. La Brique:  St Julien Map: 10-28NW2 - Ref: D.26.d.6.1
  8.  Col. Arthur J. Poole of the 1st Warwickshire regiment, 10th Bde, 4th Divn 
  9. 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers, 1/7th Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders (A&SH) & 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers (10th Bde, 4th Divn)
  10. 2nd Essex Regt (12th Bde, 4th Divn)
  11. The 1st Somerset Light Infantry (11th Bde, 4th Divn)
  12. The 2nd Monmouthshire Regt (12th Bde, 4th Divn)
  13. The captured message was intended for the A&SH according to Major Gibson and the Dublin Fusiliers according to the 4th NF War Diary
  14. The 5th Lancashire Regt needed a coy to plug a gap at Turco Farm– St Julien Map, Ref: C.15.c.3.4
  15. Roger William Cranage
  16. Very Lights were used for signalling and illumination of the battlefield
  17.  Gibson’s handwritten notes in his personal copy of Lt Bunbury’s published ‘Diary of an Officer with the 4th Northumberland Fusiliers' (Gibson, 1915) 
  18. The 1st East Lancashire Regt (11th Bde, 4th Divn)
  19.  The 1/2nd Monmouthshire’s was a TF Bn in a Regt with no Regular Bns (12th Bde, 4th Divn)
  20. Crump’ was the nickname for a German 5.9 shell based on the noise it made on detonation 
  21. Bellewaarde Farm -  Zillebeke Map: M 28NW4 - Ref: I.12.a.6.0 
  22.  2nd Divn was comprised of the 4th, 5th and 6th Bdes
  23. Pte James Bennett (4/2187) was born in Kendal, enlisted in Hexham and is commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres 
  24.  Lt. Gen. Sir Henry Maitland Wilson– GOC 4th Division
  25. The 3rd Divn was comprised of the 8th, 9th and 76th Bdes