Chapter 10b – Aisne

Tuesday, 28th May At 1am, the German 10th Divn crossed the Vesle near Bazoches sur Vesle and pushed on to the woods of Dole. The 5th Guards Divn crossed the Vesle to the…

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  1.  13th Divn, 11th Corps 
  2.  Bonne Maison Farm aerodrome had been a busy ‘Service Aéronautique’, airfield and the home of Battle Group 12 (Flight of the Storks) 
  3.  Sidney Rogerson reports 8th Divn between Romain and Les Grand Savarts (Map Ref: 559.5464) 
  4. Maj.Gen Henry Cholmondeley Jackson (1879-1972) - GOC 50th Divn – formerly CO 1st Bedfordshire Regt.
  5.  Through Bouvancourt on the right flank [zotpressInText item="{UI9W5GEQ,56}"]
  6.  4th NF War Diary 
  7.  11th Cheshire Regt, 8th Border Regt, 2nd South Lancashire Regt (75th Bde, 25th Divn)
  8.  8am in the 4th NF War Diary 
  9. [zotpressInText item="{UI9W5GEQ,56}"] 
  10.  3rd Worcestershire Regt, 11th Lancashire Fusiliers, 9th Loyal North Lancashire Regt (74th Bde, 25th Divn)
  11.  Lt Col. Frederick Walton ( - 1969) – 6th DLI 
  12.  Lt Col. Philip Kirkup (1894-1959) (8th DLI, 151st Bde, 50th Divn) 
  13.  413th, 414th and 416th Regts 
  14.  4th KSLI, 8th North Staffordshire Regt, 9th Cheshire Regt (56th Bde), 10th Warwickshire Regt, 8th Gloucester Regt, 9th Worcester Regt (57th Bde) and 9th Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 9th Welsh Regt, 2nd Wiltshire Regt (58th  Bde,19th Divn) 
  15.  2nd Wiltshire Regt, 6th Wiltshire Regt, 9th Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 9th Welsh Regt (58th Bde, 19th Divn) 
  16.  French 413th, 414th and 416th Infantry Regts (154th Divn). (Parcours des Divisions) 
  17.  Brig. Gen. George William St George Grogan (1875-1962) (23rd Bde, 8th Divn). King George V awarded him the VC at Ranchicourt (HQ 1st Army) on the 1st of August 1918 in recognition of his leadership between the 27th and 29th of May 1918. London Gazette, 25th Jul 1918. [zotpressInText item="{MPJPRE6I}"] 
  18.  Lt Col. Moore (1st Sherwood Foresters (24th Bde, 8th Divn) 
  19.  The A4 Autoroute now runs along this ridge
  20. [zotpressInText item="{UI9W5GEQ,}"] 
  21.  21st, 109th, 143rd Infantry Regts (French 13th Divn). (Parcours des Divisions) 
  22. [zotpressInText item="{UI9W5GEQ,74}"] 
  23.  6th South Wales Borderers were the 25th Divn pioneer Bn 
  24. 56th Bde, 19th Divn 
  25. [zotpressInText item="{5J5GXJJF}"] 
  26.  22nd, 30th, 99th and 112th Infantry Regts - French 28th Divn 
  27. 150th, 161st and 251st Infantry Regts - French 40th Divn
  28.  Gen. George Darell Jeffreys, 1st Baron Jeffreys, KCB, KCVO, CMG, DL (1878-1960)
  29. Cuisles Chateau is four miles south of Romigny
  30.  Lt Col. N.W Stead (4th East Yorks, 150th Bde, 50th Divn) 
  31.  The 22nd DLI was attached to the 19th (Western) Divn 
  32. 1/6th Cheshire Regt - 75th Bde, 25th Divn 
  33. [zotpressInText item="{NH3TRT6B}"] 
  34. 50th Divn Diary
  35. 22nd, 99th - 55th Bde  and 30th and 112th Infantry Regts - 56th Bde
  36.  150th, 161st and 251st Infantry Regts  
  37. Major General George Darell.Jeffreys (1878-1960) – GOC 19th Divn and former CO of the 2nd Grenadier Guards
  38. [zotpress items="J84E3S7T" style="harvard1"] 
  39. 5th NF War Diary (Adjutant 5. N., 1918)
  40. South of Epernay
  41.  Maj. Barnes (4th Yorks, 150th Bde, 50th Divn) 
  42.  57th Bde, 19th Divn)
  43.  French 99th Regiment of Foot
  44. Vert la Gravelle – (VertToulon) – south of Epernay and north-east of Sezanne
  45. Two platoons 4th Yorks and two 5th Yorks (4th_Yorkshire_Regt, 1918)
  46. Maj. Barnes (4th Yorks, 150th Bde, 50th Divn)
  47. Brig Gen. Francis James Marshall formerly of the Seaforth Highlanders 
  48.  (8th Battalion War Diary, May 1918)
  49. The Montagne de Reims is a plateau with a maximum height of 288 metres. Its subsoil is made of chalk, clay, sands and limestone
  50.  Lt Col V. M. Fitzhugh formerly the CO of 6th Berkshire Regt (disbanded Feb 1918) 
  51. Brig. Gen. Percy M. Robinson. Formerly the CO of 6th Royal West Kent Regt 
  52.  99th Regt, 55th Bde, 28th Divn 
  53. 22nd, 24th & 43rd Colonial Infantry Regts  
  54. Napoli Bde, 3rd Divn, Italian 2nd Corps 
  55.  Salerno Bde, 3rd Divn, Italian 2nd Corps 
  56.  General Vittorio Emanuele Pittaluga 
  57. Alberico Albricci (b.1864- Gallarate, Lombardy, Italy)
  58. 2nd Italian Corps (Le 2ème Corps D'Armee Italien S'Installe Sur La Montagne De Reims, Juin, Debut Juillet 1918)
  59.  Brescia Bde, 8th Divn 
  60. Map 2 - The Bois de Courton
  61. 58th Composite Bn was comprised of the 2nd Wilts 
  62. 2nd Wiltshire Bn War Diary (2nd_Wiltshire_Adjutant)
  63.  Brig Gen. Richard Edgar Sugden. Formerly CO of 4th Duke of Wellington’s Regt. Promoted to Brig. Gen. on 7 June 1918 as GOC 151st Bde, 50th Divn 
  64.  19th & 20th Regts (Brescia Bde) and 51st & 52nd Regts (Alpina Bde, 8th Divn) 
  65.  Napoli and Salerno Bdes (3rd Divn) 
  66.  Bligny is the site of an Italian cemetery where the remains of 5000 Italian soldiers are buried. The majority were killed during the 2nd Battle of the Marne
  67.  Les Essarts le Vicomte is south-west of Sezanne 
  68.  Broyes is north-east of Sezanne 
  69. Capt. Joseph Galley Garrard from Whitley Bay was a former enlisted man (5/2480) who first embarked for France on the 20th of Apr 1915 
  70. The Croix de Guerre was a French medal which was awarded to soldiers who distinguished themselves by acts of heroism involving combat with the enemy. The medal is awarded to those who have been "mentioned in dispatches", meaning a heroic deed or deeds were performed meriting a citation from an individual's HQs unit