Chapter 12 – 3/4th Battalion

The 3/4th & 4th Reserve Battalions In militaries, a general order is a published directive, originated by a commander, and binding upon all personnel under his command, the purpose of which is to…

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  1. Colonel J.J. Gillespie
  2.  The High Sherrif of Northumberland at this time was George Hope Waddilove of Brunton House
  3. 2nd Lt Merrikin
  4. 2nd Lt Thomas -
  5. QM Robson -
  6. 2nd Lt Davies -
  7. 2nd Lt Keates -
  8. Pte F Routledge -
  9. Capt Hunting -
  10. Pte F Harty -
  11.  The Swalwell camp is thought to have been in the grounds of Hollinside Manor House in the Derwent Valley. Part of the Bowes-Lyon family estate at Gibside