Chapter 4b – Battle of Morval

Battle of Morval - 25-28 Sep 1916 A number of minor operations were undertaken in the days following the battle of Flers-Courcelette, with the specific purpose of capturing the objectives that had not…

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  1.  Military History Encyclopedia on the Web ( 
  2.  John Jackson (1st Cameron Highlanders, 1st Bde, 1st Divn) vividly describes the Bazentin le Petit and High Wood area in his published diary [zotpressInText item="{T7MXJX47,79}"]
  3.  Crescent Alley: Longueval Map: 57cSW3 - Ref: 33.d 
  4. 26th Avenue: Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.21.d
  5.  Eaucourt L’Abbaye:  Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.23.c 
  6. Destremont Farm: Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.21.a
  7.  The village of Le Sars straddles the Albert-Baupaume road: Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.16.c 
  8. This journey is described in Norman Gladden’s book [zotpressInText item="{53JCQRAK,105}"]
  9.  North & South Durham trenches lay to the south of Le Sars: Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.21.d & 21.c 
  10.  Rutherford Alley was a communication trench running north towards Le Sars:  Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.22.c 
  11.  Eaucourt d’Abbaye lies approximately three quarters of a mile south east of Le Sars: Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.23.c
  12.  D16 – Map Reference: M23c.2.4 and D8- Map Reference: M23.c.3.7. [zotpressInText item="{7CHAKXFB,42}"]
  13.  Pte William Wood 4/5150 (b. Kettering
  14.  21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th London Regt (142nd Bde, 47th Divn) 
  15.  Pte Maynard Frank Nunn 4/5010 (e. Cambridge
  16.  10th & 11th NF & 12th DLI (68th Bde, 23rd Divn) 
  17.  Pte Richard Henry Jacobs  4/5102 (e. West London
  18. James Henry Newman 4/5257 (b. Norwich) (e. Norwich)
  19.  During the First World War, the YMCA supports the troops. YMCA huts provide soldiers with food and a place to rest on the frontline or at home in military camps and railway stations. The YMCA embarked on a massive education programme for soldiers, which eventually becomes the Army Education Corps. [zotpressInText item="{IS6FHCKS}"]
  20. [zotpressInText item="{53JCQRAK,125}"] 
  21. D2 (Female 539) [zotpressInText item="{7CHAKXFB,47}"]
  22.  Soldiers Died in the Great War (SDITGW) and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)
  23.  Sgt William Moffat MM (7/1878) is buried in Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension (d.21 Sep 1916). William and Margaret Moffatt resided at 24, Back Clayton Street in Bedlington, Northumberland. William had served in the South African War 
  24. 2nd Lt Frederick James Larken
  25. The camp at the south-east corner of Mametz Wood
  26.  5th Cameronians (26th Bde, 9th Divn)
  27.  1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th South African Regts (South African Bde, 9th Divn) 
  28.  RFA positions – 18 pounders etc 
  29. 27th Bde - 6th KOSB, 11th & 12th Royal Scots, 9th Cameronians ( 9th Divn)
  30. [zotpressInText item="{62F7X4R4,48}"]
  31. 26th Bde - 8th Black Watch, 7th Seaforth Highlanders, 5th Cameron Highlanders, 10th Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders (9th Divn)
  32. Winston Churchill (1871-1947) was no relation of British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, but coincidently both had political careers, were noted amateur painters, attended service colleges and briefly served simultaneously as officers in their respective countries' armed forces
  33.  Dixies were large oval shaped cooking pots
  34.  Tinned meat & vegetable (M&V) stew was provided in 20 to 24 oz tins. The quality varied considerably from brand to brand, however the Maconochie Brothers brand was considered one of the better ones 
  35.  Pte John Calvert Sowerby (4/2799) (b. Denton) (e. Haltwhistle). John is buried at St Sever Cemetery Extension and commemorated on the Haltwhistle Memorial 
  36. Pte Frederick William Brett (4/5194), (e. Norfolk Regt) was transferred to the East Yorks Regt and then the 4th NF. He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial
  37.  Likely to have been 8th Black Watch (26th Bde) 
  38. Pte William Lewis (4/3814) (e. Nottingham). Thiepval Memorial, Somme
  39.  Pte William George Little (4/2189) (b. Bingfield) (e. Hexham). 4th Reserve Bn on 1st Sep 16. Thiepval Memorial, Somme 
  40.  Red and green flares were usually fired from a Very pistol for signalling purposes and white flares to illuminate an area at night 
  41. An SOS Barrage
  42.  Pte Edgar Kaye (4/5068) is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial 
  43. Pte James Wray (4/5058) (b. Longwood, Yorks) (e. Huddersfield) was posted to the 4th from the 8th NF (8/29015). He is buried in Warlencourt British Cemetery
  44. Pte Harold Wilby (4/5063) is buried in Warlencourt British Cemetery, France
  45. Pte Edward Thomas Gillings (4/5123) (b. Gillings, Pembrokeshire) (e. Great Yarmouth) had previously served with the 5th NF (5/5804). He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial
  46.  Pte William James Goodrum (4/5066) (b. Great Yarmouth) (e. Newcastle) transferred to the 4th from the 8th NF (4/4468) 
  47. Pte Frederick Claxton (4/5212) (e. Norwich) was posted to the 4th NF from the East Yorks Regt (4/7921) and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial 
  48. Pte John Elliott (4/3343)
  49.  Pte Enoch Shipley (4/5138) (e. Norfolk Regt (1591) Melton Constable, Norfolk) and was subsequently posted to the NF 
  50.  Pte William Surtees Leathard (4/4191) (b. Prudhoe) (e. Hexham) is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial 
  51. Pte William Lewis (4/3814), William George Little (4/2189) and George Edward Ward (  ) are commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial
  52.  L/Cpl John Robertson (4/1369) (b. Newcastle) (e. Prudhoe) was wounded early 1915, reported to the 3/4th NF on 25 Jun 15 and drafted back to France 18 Sep 15. John is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial 
  53. Allandale man L/Cpl Thomas Armstrong (4/1997) is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial
  54.  Wooden and metal sections or frames were often constructed behind the lines in RE workshops to enable the quick construction of dugouts in the trenches. Large packing crates were also used as shelters
  55.  Prudhoe man L/Cpl William Jackson (4/2058) was a recipient of the Military Medal and is buried in Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension 
  56.  Warlencourt Line: Presumed to mean the Gird Line 
  57. Haltwhistle man John Albert Nicholson (4/2693) is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. John was first taken on 3/4th NF strength - 11th Jun 15 
  58.  Pte Fred Willis (4/5157) (e. Northampton) served with the 1/4th East Yorks Regt prior to the NF. He is buried in Caterpillar Valley Cemetery near Longueval
  59.  The French sugar beet industry was a direct outcome of Britain’s blockade of French Ports during the Napoleonic Wars, which prevented the import of Sugar Cane. Napoleon decreed that French farmers should grow sugar beet and within two years approximately 160,000 acres were in cultivation and some 330 small refineries were producing 3,350 tons of sugar. The Somme was a major producer supporting more than 120 sugar refineries located in the Department (Inventory of Sugar Refineries) 
  60. The German 5th Grenadier Guard Regiment was of Prussian origin and part of the 4th Guard Infantry Divn
  61.  Duckboards (wooden planking) were used as trench flooring or to make paths across muddy ground 
  62. Pte John Clarke (4/3299) (b. Wigton, Cumberland) (e. Newcastle). John is commemorated on the Thiepval memorial
  63.  Pte Daniel Walden (4/5141) (e. Northwood, Middlesex). Daniel was transferred to the NF from the Norfolk Regt 
  64. Pte Harold Hiscock (4/5397) (b. York) (e. Hexham). Harold is commemorated on the Thiepval memorial
  65.  Pte Wilfred Hardwick (4/3685) (b. Mansfield, Notts) (e. Mansfield). Wilfred is buried in Warlencourt British Cemetery, France 
  66.  A ‘Chinese’ barrage was a bogus attack 
  67.  Edward Grey. Lawson 
  68. Fletcher Hugh Lionel Woods
  69.  Sgt James R Richardson (1430) from Rothbury 
  70.  A/Sgt J. Piercy (290418) (b. Berwick on Tweed)( e. Alnwick)
  71. Capt Roger Cranage
  72. 2nd Lt T. Bonner
  73. 2nd Lt William Henry Fisher was drafted to France on 20 July 1916 
  74. Capt John Wilfred Robinson, the brother of Frank Robinson (4th NF) and George Sydney Robinson (1st Buffs) originated from Hexham. (Grint, p. 160) He was wounded in April 1915, but after returning to service with the 3/4th NF was drafted back to the 1/4th on the 4th of Aug 1915. John is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, France. George was to die on the 26th April 18 
  75. Major N. I. Wright
  76. 2nd Lt Frederick James Larken was only drafted to the Bn on the 17th of October 
  77. 2nd Lt Alan James Derrick (d. 15 Nov 1916) 7th NF Thiepval Memorial
  78.  Pte William James Newman (4/9048) (b. Wandsworth, Surrey) was transferred from the Norfolk Regt. Commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial
  79.  Pte Arthur Ernest Pyatt (4/5107), aged 25, and his brother Henry (4/5106), aged 34, enlisted in the Norfolk Regt at Hackney Baths. Thiepval Memorial 
  80.  Pte Joseph Davies (4/5304) was transferred to the 4th from the 1st NF. Joseph is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial 
  81.  Pte Ernest Leopold Douglas (4/5133) served previously with the 1/4th East Yorks Regt, Norfolk Regt and 5th NF. He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial 
  82. Pte Alfred George Woodward (4/5156) was transferred from the 1/4th East Yorks Regt. Alfred is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, France
  83.  Pte Richard Dover (4/5379) (b. Brandon, Co Durham) served previously with the DLI. Richard is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial 
  84. Pte Frank Bradbury (4/5301) (b. Saddleworth, Yorkshire) and transferred to the 4th from the 1st NF. Frank is buried in Warlencourt British Cemetery
  85. Pte Bertie William Adcock (4/9007) served previously with the Norfolk Regt. Bertie is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial
  86. Pte John Glass (4/6656) (Scotswood, Newcastle) was transferred from the 1/6th NF. John is buried at Warlencourt British Cemetery
  87.  Pte Herbert Albert Boast (4/5206) (b.Norwich) and enlisted in the Norfolk Regt. He was transferred to the East Yorks Regt and then 1/4th NF. He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial 
  88. Sgt William Anthony Charlton (4/35) (b. Hexham) (e. Hexham). William is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial
  89.  The 10th (Service) Bn Gloucester Regiment were part of the 1st Bde, 1st Divn 
  90.  The Bombing School was most likely to have been near the village of Montigny-sur-l'Hallue, approximately nine miles west of Albert
  91. Lt Col Scott Jackson
  92. The Royal Engineers raised a total of eleven Labour Bns. They consisted of navvies, tradesmen and semi-skilled men and were used in construction of rear defence lines and similar works
  93. Bns were equipped with handcarts for the Lewis guns. Pack ponies -
  94.  The 4th Army Infantry School of Instruction was in Flixecourt - 
  95.  2nd Lt Bernard Roger Philip Hawken 
  96. Pierrots were at the height of popularity in seaside resorts at the end of the 19th Century, providing family orientated shows with music, song, dance, acrobatics and comedy sketches  
  97. 2nd Lt Coatsworth
  98. The 2nd Welsh Regiment was part of the 3rd Bde, 1st Divn. The Bn had been on the Western Front since August 1914
  99. 1st and 3rd Bdes (1st Divn)
  100.  The 1st South Wales Borderers were part of the 3rd Bde, 1st Divn and had been on the Western Front since August 1914 
  101. Captain, later Lt Col. Hugh Liddell, DSO, MC (1/7th NF)
  102. Listed in the London Gazette
  103.  London Gazette (1917) Capt. C. G. Arkwright M.C. 4th NF, to be acting Major whilst serving on HQ of a Bn from 20 Oct 18 to 30 Mar 19. Date: 2 Dec 19 Issue number: 31673 (Gazette, London, p. 15037). Northumberland Fusiliers- Lt. C. G. Arkwright M.C, to be acting Major whilst employed as Major on HQ. 11 Aug 17. Lt. D. T. Turner to be acting Capt whilst commanding a Coy. 1917 published on the 21 Sep 17. Page 17 of 20
  104.  2nd Lt William Maxson Collingwood Wilson 
  105. M.24.b.6.6 - Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.24
  106.  Fishtail bombs were a small trench mortar bomb used by the German Army 
  107. Pte Henry Spencer Beadle (4/5354) (b.e. Hessle, Yorks). Henry served previously with the 5th and 6th NF. He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial
  108.  Bayonet Trench: Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.18.d
  109.  Cobham Trench ran between the communication trenches Goose Alley and Turk Avenue: Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.24.c & N.13.c 
  110. The Minenwerfer was a German trench mortar
  111.  Cobham Trench: Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Reference M.24.c. The junction of Yarra Reserve with Yarra Avenue – Reference: M.24.d
  112. The 1st Northumbrian Field Coy Royal Engineers was renumbered the 446th Coy
  113. Clark’s Dump - Longueval Map: 57c SW3 - Ref: S.3.d.4.7
  114. Flers Reserve Trench -   Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.30.c.4.0- 
  115. The 179th Tunnelling Coy was formed in the 3rd Army area in October 1915 
  116.  Factory Corner was the crossroads north of Flers taken by the New Zealand Divn on 25th Sep 1916: Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: N.19.c.9.1
  117. Flers Reserve trench - Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.30.c.4.0
  118.  BP Dump
  119. Bazentin Circus - Longueval Map: 57cSW3 - Ref: S.8.d 8.0
  120. High Wood Siding     - Longueval Map: 57cSW3 - Ref: S.3.d.4.7
  121. Clarke’s Dump - Longueval Map: 57cSW3 - Ref: S.3.d.4.7
  122. Seven Elms dump - Gueudecourt Map: 57cSW1-3A - Ref: M.28.d
  123. ‘H’ Rations
  124. BP Dump – Langly Circus
  125. Canvas Camp -
  126.  Loupart Wood and Grevillers are approximately one mile north of the Butte De Warlencourt 
  127. A black frost was a dry freeze which kills and thus blackens vegetation because there is no protective layer of hoar frost
  128. The Regimental Aid Post (RAP) provided the first line of medical treatment for a wounded soldier
  129. Coy HQ comprised the CO (Maj), 2 i/c (Capt), Coy Sergeant Major (CSM), Coy Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS), two batmen and three drivers
  130.  Pte Arthur William Hannan (4/5425) ( b. Birstwith, Yorks). He was transferred to the 4th NF the 13th NF. He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial
  131.  Roye:  Lat/Long: 049 41’ 55 N  : 002 47’ 57 E
  132. Command Post PC Hedevaux: Belloy Map: Reference: N.27.c.5.4
  133. PC Buelow: Belloy Map: 62c and 62d - Ref: N.25.d.6.4
  134.  Boyau Bouchet trench: Belloy Map: 62cSW1 &2 – Ref: N.34.b
  135.  Argonne Trench: Belloy Map: 62cSW1 &2 – Ref: N.27.d 
  136. French bomb store – Belloy Map: 62cSW1 &2 – Ref: N.21.c.80
  137. Trench de Hures: Belloy Map: 62cSW1 &2 – Ref: N.33.b 
  138.  Bouchot: Belloy Map: 62cSW1 &2 – Ref: N.34.a
  139.  Bois Damloup: Belloy Map: 62cSW1 &2 – Ref: N.34.a.5.7 
  140. Support trenches at the southern end of the sector:  Belloy Map: 62cSW1 &2 – Ref: N.33.d
  141. Annamites Trench: Belloy Map: 62cSW1 &2 – Ref:  N.34.d
  142. Marchal Trench: Belloy Map: 62cSW1 &2 - Ref: N.34.a
  143.  Trench de Hures: Belloy Map: 62cSW1 &2 - Ref: N.33.b

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