The 4th NF Book

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Chapter 1a

4th NF Origins

8,600 Words

22 Images

Chapter 1b


6500 Words

23 Images

Chapter 2a 

St Julien

29,000 words

20 Images

Chapter 2b 

Bellewaarde Wood

..,000 words

3 Images

Chapter 2c

Sanctuary Wood

14,000 words

9 Images

Chapter 2d 


8600 words

13 Images

Chapter 3a


Words 7800

14 Images

Chapter 3b

Back in the Salient

Words 10,100

Chapter 4a


12000 words

Chapter 4b

Battle of Morval 

26000 words

Chapter 5a

1st Battle of the Scarpe

28000 words

Chapter 5a

2nd Battle of the Scarpe

28000 words

Chapter 5b

3rd Battle of the Scarpe

28000 words

Chapter 6 

3rd Ypres

8000 words

Chapter 7


4300 Words

Chapter 8

German offensive
on the Somme

6600 Words

Chapter 9

 The Lys Offensive

7400 words

14 Images

Chapter 10

The Aisne

25000 words

Chapter 11

2/4th Battalion NF


Chapter 12

3/4th Battalion NF